Meet The Maker

My name is Jessica and I am from Toronto! I am a mom of two little ones and have a full time job.  Being a busy working mom, I needed to find something that was uniquely mine. Being able to create something out of a simple object, gives me a sense of relaxation.

My Journey began 2 years ago when I got my first cutting machine. From there my passion for jewelry grew.  You’ll see that I still make other items, but my main focus and passion are earrings. 

Polymer clay gives me the ability to be so creative, and it presents so much opportunity for different colours, patterns and textures. The beauty of polymer clay earrings is that it’s so unique; there won’t ever be 100 of the same pair of earrings roaming around. Polymer clay earrings might be my main focus but its not the only one! Check out my different collections. 

Follow me on Instagram, it is where I am most active and also a place where you can see all the other fun stuff that I enjoy doing. Reach out and let me know how I can create something that is uniquely for you!

Thank you for supporting my small business.


Polymer Clay

Please keep in mind that all pieces are handmade.  They may feature slight imperfections. We will not list any items that are unsuitable for purchase or wearing! They just add a little bit more character!


Please keep in mind the colour of the item listed might be brighter or dimmer depending on the settings of your device. We take photos with a proper camera with lighting.  I have made every attempt possible to represent the product and colours as accurately as possible.